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Residential Interior

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When hiring Premier Painting Company to paint the interior of your home, you can expect the following:


  1. Protection of Surfaces: Our team will cover your vinyl, tile, and wood floors with floor paper to prevent any paint spills or stains. We will also cover your furniture with plastic to ensure it remains clean and free from paint splatters. Additionally, your carpet will be covered with heavy mil plastic to avoid any damage

  2. Preparation of Wood Trim: Before painting, our team will hand sand the wood trim to ensure a smooth and even surface for painting. This step helps in achieving a professional finish.

  3. Crack and Hole Repair: We will address any cracks or holes in the walls and fill them appropriately.

  4. Protection during Acoustic Ceiling Painting: When painting acoustic ceilings, our team will cover your walls with plastic to protect them from any paint splatters or drips.

  5. Removal and Replacement of Fixtures: All registers and switch plates will be removed before painting to ensure a clean and thorough job. Additionally, we will take down and replace window blinds as needed.

  6. Use of Quality Paint Products: Here at Premier Painting, we use Sherwin-Williams' quality paint products, known for their durability and excellent finish. This ensures a long-lasting and visually appealing paint job. Overall, our team takes care of all the necessary preparations and precautions to provide a professional and satisfactory painting experience for your interior home.



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